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Yes Brian, I'd like to try out a membership in your F.A.S.T. Trader Club 100% risk-free for the next 30 days.

I understand that for just $29, I'll receive:

1. ACCESS for 30 days to your Income Accelerator Alerts (A $99 value) - As you mentioned earlier in this letter, you're providing a select group of individuals with your top picks every single month. The money I make from these trade recommendations alone could quickly and easily put several thousand dollars in my pocket very quickly!

2. Free Access to the F.A.S.T. Trading training video (a $197 value) that will be sent to me as soon as I sign up as a member, where I'll learn about the valuable trading secret that could put an extra $12,000... $18,000... up to $24,000 extra cash into my bank account over the next 12 months... starting this week.

3. A free copy of the new special report - "A New Way To Trade: Putting The Odds In Your Favor" (a $29 value) which will also be mailed to me when I sign up that includes a little-known secret about buyers and sellers in the stock market, the card-counting "Blackjack Strategy" that allows me to stack the deck in my favor on every trade, and FAST Trader Clubs two favorite indicators that allow me to "spy" on over 100 of the world's top financial analysts to give me an unfair advantage over other investors.

4. New special market reports - Right now, I understand you're using your F.A.S.T. Trading secret to track a few peculiar... yet potentially profitable market trends and you'll include this research in upcoming special reports. And though you can't go into detail about these trends right now, I understand I'll get access to these special reports the moment you complete them.

I understand that I can try out a membership in your F.A.S.T. Trader Club 100% risk-free for a full 30 days.

During this time, I can watch the training video... read over your special report... and check out your weekly Income Accelerator Alert trade recommendations to start making money as early as this week...

And if I'm not 100% completely satisfied with everything - I can simply let your customer service team know by email or phone, and you'll refund my $29 in full.

Plus, because I'm getting started today as a new Charter Member - I'll continue to receive your Income Accelerator Alerts past the 30-day trial period for the deeply discounted rate of just $29 a month, and you'll simply charge my credit or debit card so I don't miss any special alerts or profit opportunities.

Of course, I understand that I can cancel this special monthly service at any time simply by calling or emailing your customer support team... and I won't be charged anymore.

To start your membership today, fill out the membership form below.

Your credit or debit card will be charged a fee of just $29 (plus shipping and handling) by LOP Solutions, LLC.

And every 30 days, you card will be charged just $29 for your Income Accelerator Alerts... where you're free to cancel your membership at any time.
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